Peter is 52 and suffers from epilepsy and associated complications. Five years ago he came to live with his sister Liz, having spent most of his life in the care of his parents until the passing of his mother.

When Liz took him into her home he was a very different man to the person who now comes along eager to join in R&R activities. He was in a terrible state. His medications were not correctly prescribed and he was deeply depressed and reclusive. Liz took him under her wing and had the medication issue sorted, then sought help from R&R to give him some experiences that she hoped would help him find real happiness.

From the first year of high school Peter’s parents were told to withdraw him from school, as he had been identified as intellectually impaired to such a degree that “he should be taken home as there was nothing more they could teach him”. In those days disabled people were not given opportunities such as the ones they experience through R&R, so to be challenged with a new experience at 46 was tough for Peter. On his first visit he didn’t even want to get out of the car. Now he dances at the R&R disco events, has a part time job, has made some great friends and looks forward to every day-trip he attends. His favourite trips are to Moonee and Urunga to go fishing and when he mentions dancing his eyes light up and a huge smile transforms his face.

Liz can’t help but be emotional when she talks about how much of a difference R&R has made to both her brother and herself. Knowing how far Peter has come from the depressed and ill man she initially took on means the world to her, and she attributes R&R‘s involvement for much of his brilliant progress.

Twelve months ago R&R supported Peter and Liz as they transitioned Peter into Supported Accommodation. He is now living with another man in a villa and enjoying the new independence this has brought him. He continues his Day Program with R&R.

  • I’m emailing today to tell you how great my support worker is; not only is he very patient, helpful and quick-thinking, but he’s also the most friendly worker I’ve had to date. Whenever I’m not feeling my best, he seems to see that and not push me to do things that I’d otherwise be willing to do, however when I am feeling able to do things, he encourages me to do it myself, he teaches me how to do it if I’m not understanding, or congratulates me when I do it by myself.

    Another Participant

  • “R&R gave me my first real opportunity to work in a new industry following my career change. I value the opportunity that you extended, the way in which everyone at R&R including Admin, Coordinators and fellow Support Workers welcomed the new greenhorn and the valuable experience gained. ”

    “Wonderful organisation doing some great programs and initiatives.”

    “Great place to work with awesome staff and clients keep up the good work”

    “I am very grateful and blessed that I have been part of a wonderful service during my time at R&R Disability Services.”

    Staff Feedback

  • Just wanted to thank you for the amazing support staff you have put into our home to help with our daughter . One outstanding support worker supported her in such a professional manner , and was not afraid to help in any way she could .

    Participant Feedback

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