How Can We Help

For many individuals and families in our community, each day can bring new challenges and difficulties, and the NDIS system can be confusing to navigate.

At R & R Care we listen and we care. Together we work as a team to take the uncertainty and frustration out of finding the best care and support, doing our best to make every day that little brighter and happier for everyone involved.

With more than 130 staff, and an increasing range of services available our mission is to make a real difference to every participant and family we have the opportunity to support.

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Here is how we can help

1. Take the time to listen to what you need

Yes, we are here to listen and understand to help acheive better outcomes

2. Assess the services and support offerings

We have available to meet these needs – these may be part of the R & R Care organisation, or provided externally

3. Provide a plan that will help participants and families to reach their goals

This includes helping you to navigate any challenges or uncertainties with your NDIS support

4. Ensure you have dedicated support team member

We are here to guide you every step of the way

5. Give you peace of mind

We provide service, support and experiences that make each day brighter for our participants, and easier for our families