You can register for services with R&R Care by phoning (5622 8400), emailing ( or dropping in to R&R Care located in the Community Village, 22 Earl Street, Coffs Harbour. You may also be referred for services from the NDIS, other agencies, a doctor, health professionals or a family member.

When a new participant contacts or is referred to R&R Care a Support Coordinator will make contact with the potential new participant within 48 hours of receiving the enquiry/referral. To assist with a swift registration please provide R&R Care with the following details:

  1. Participant contact details including, name, address, phone number and DOB
  2. Primary Carer contact details including, name, address and phone number
  3. Copy of diagnosis and any other supporting documents
  4. Copy of any existing funding
  5. Copy of existing plan including NDIS plan (if applicable)

Participants and/or their carers are consulted about the services that they identify as requiring. Eligibility is determined in the first instance and then further discussions are held with the delegated Support Coordinator regarding the assessed needs and the services required. Please note: Participants have the right to choose their Support Coordinator of choice or change Support Coordinator at any time.

Participants are not excluded from access to the service on the grounds of their gender, marital status, religious or cultural beliefs, political affiliation, particular disability, ethnic background, age, sexual preference, inability to pay, geographical location or circumstances of the carer.

What happens when you contact the service or are referred to us?

  • Following contact from or with a potential participant, a Support Coordinator will organise to visit with you at a time and place that is suitable to the individual/family. This can be in the families or advocates home, at a location chosen by the participant or our office.
  • The Support Coordinator will:
  • Explain R&R Care’s service provision in greater detail
  • Complete R&R Care’s Registration form
  • Outline the timeline for the allocation of service
  • Discuss R&R Cares Service Agreement
  • Explain other options that are available and assist with a referral to other service providers, community or social organisations.

What happens to my information?

Any information you tell us about yourself will not be shared with other people without your permission.

  • R&R Care will always ask for your permission either in writing or verbally before making a referral or discussing the case with any other service
  • Information will be given to Volunteers, Support Workers and other workers who are providing service on a ‘need to know’ basis so that the worker can give participants the service that they need
  • Information may be provided to emergency services in an emergency situation on a ‘need to know’ basis to comply with R&R Care’s duty of care regarding participants well-being
  • No information will be given to any third party other than the above without specific written permission from the participant. However, personal information may be subpoenaed by a Court of Law in which case R&R Care will be obliged to provide this information
  • Information may not be released to the participants advocate unless a current ‘Advocate Authority Form’ is held on file and the participant has been contacted to make sure that this information is current. If the participant has revoked permission, verbally or in writing, no information will be released.

Under the Privacy Legislation R&R Care has the right to share and receive information relevant to the safety, welfare or wellbeing of children and young people with other organisations as described in Charter 16A[1] of the Act. Consent is not required for this to take effect.

How do we get started?

Following registration the next step is to make an Individual Support Plan. If you currently have an NDIS plan this will be based on your approved service and annual budget. If you are currently receiving Individual or block funded State packages the Support Coordinator will work with you to develop a plan based on a monthly basis until you transition into the NDIS.

The support plan process involves talking face to face with participants, their carers/families, advocate and staff. The aim is to make a plan of care that supports the individual’s skills and lifestyle, while allowing you to continue living in your own home. The Support Plan will be reviewed at a timeframe requested by the participants or at least quarterly.

You can make changes to your plan at any time if:

  • You think something different would be better
  • You are not happy with support staff
  • There are changes in your circumstances.

PLEASE NOTE: A Home Safety Checklist will be completed at the participants home when the participant is accepted for in-home respite support.

[1] Charter 16A


  • Just wanted to thank you for the amazing support staff you have put into our home to help with our daughter . One outstanding support worker supported her in such a professional manner , and was not afraid to help in any way she could .

    Participant Feedback

  • “R&R gave me my first real opportunity to work in a new industry following my career change. I value the opportunity that you extended, the way in which everyone at R&R including Admin, Coordinators and fellow Support Workers welcomed the new greenhorn and the valuable experience gained. ”

    “Wonderful organisation doing some great programs and initiatives.”

    “Great place to work with awesome staff and clients keep up the good work”

    “I am very grateful and blessed that I have been part of a wonderful service during my time at R&R Disability Services.”

    Staff Feedback

  • I’m emailing today to tell you how great my support worker is; not only is he very patient, helpful and quick-thinking, but he’s also the most friendly worker I’ve had to date. Whenever I’m not feeling my best, he seems to see that and not push me to do things that I’d otherwise be willing to do, however when I am feeling able to do things, he encourages me to do it myself, he teaches me how to do it if I’m not understanding, or congratulates me when I do it by myself.

    Another Participant

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