R&R Care is a registered provider with the NDIS and is ready, prepared and well-staffed to support you to achieve your NDIS goals.

R&R Care is currently hosting NDIS readiness sessions to support our participants/families with successful transitioning to the NDIS. Sessions include:

  • Assisting families/participants with understanding current supports and what is working and what is not working
  • Assisting families/participants with developing a picture of what a good life looks like for them
  • Thinking about the different roles people play in their life including, family, friends, paid support etc.
  • Connecting with different community services and activities.

In addition to the group sessions R&R is further meeting one-on-one with families/participants who request additional support.

Please note: It is not too late to start preplanning so please give us a call to organise a meeting or tap into the valuable group planning sessions.

How do I get my first plan?

R&R Care has provided the NDIS with contact details for all current participants. If you have changed your contact details please call the office and update at your earliest convenience.

The NDIS is currently calling participants to gather information such as medicare details, updating contacts, allowance payments etc. This is being completed on a priority list so please don’t worry if you have yet to receive a call. From the 1st of July the NDIS website will open for potential participants to register their interests. If you have yet to receive a call before the 1st of July please refer to the following link for registration.


Once your access to the NDIS is confirmed in writing, you and/or your nominee will be contacted by a representative of the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) to have a planning conversation.

Most people’s first plans will be completed over the phone, through a planning conversation between the participant (and/or their nominee) and an NDIA representative about their existing supports, needs and main goals.

If you are not able to complete your planning conversation over the phone or are not in a position to do so, the NDIS will make alternative planning arrangements.

Everyone will have the same access to supports and services irrespective of how their planning conversation takes place. Please note you can have multiple supports at this planning session including, family, friends and your R&R Care Coordinator.

Once in the NDIS, you will receive your NDIS plan in writing which will detail approved services and budget lines. Your plan will be reviewed every 12 months, including your first plan.

Your existing supports and services will continue until you transition to the NDIS.

  • I’m emailing today to tell you how great my support worker is; not only is he very patient, helpful and quick-thinking, but he’s also the most friendly worker I’ve had to date. Whenever I’m not feeling my best, he seems to see that and not push me to do things that I’d otherwise be willing to do, however when I am feeling able to do things, he encourages me to do it myself, he teaches me how to do it if I’m not understanding, or congratulates me when I do it by myself.

    Another Participant

  • Just wanted to thank you for the amazing support staff you have put into our home to help with our daughter . One outstanding support worker supported her in such a professional manner , and was not afraid to help in any way she could .

    Participant Feedback

  • “R&R gave me my first real opportunity to work in a new industry following my career change. I value the opportunity that you extended, the way in which everyone at R&R including Admin, Coordinators and fellow Support Workers welcomed the new greenhorn and the valuable experience gained. ”

    “Wonderful organisation doing some great programs and initiatives.”

    “Great place to work with awesome staff and clients keep up the good work”

    “I am very grateful and blessed that I have been part of a wonderful service during my time at R&R Disability Services.”

    Staff Feedback

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