R&R Care provides a range of community and social activities to assist participants to engage with their community, strengthen their ability to participate independently and live the life they want through group based activities or one-on-one support. Activities are supported by our friendly staff who will be with you every step of the way. Together we’ll find activities that you can join and help you get the most of it.

The opportunities are endless so please offer your feedback/suggestions and assist R&R to expand our social and Community activities to meet your needs. To explore future opportunities please contact Laura or Steve on 5622 8400.



Friendship & Exercise                                                                                  Time: 10am to 12noon

Goal: Improve social skills and health & wellbeing

Max 4 person (Currently 2 places available)

Participants meet at R&R and engage in various community based locations/activities. Participants explore Coffs marina, south wall and expand knowledge of the local area. Activities may include walking, exploring the beach, fishing, airport etc. Activities are driven by participant’s choice and generally change each week.


Sip & Doodle                                                                                                          Time: 12:30pm to 3pm

Out of pocket expenses: refreshments

Goal: Improve social skills in an community setting

Max 4 person (Currently 1 place available every second week)

Participants meet at R&R and walk to local shopping district.

The purpose is to build friendships within the group whilst engaging in our local community. Participant colour in and purchase refreshments and are encouraged to embrace the opportunity of meeting new people in a community setting.


Friendship Lunch                                                                                               Time: 12noon to 1pm

Goal: Increased friendship and social skills in a community setting

Max 8 person (Currently 1 place available)

All participants bring their lunch for a picnic in the park. Participants are supported to extend friendships via social media, sharing numbers and exploring other ways to extend friendship outside of supports.




Friendship Lunch                                                                                               Time: 10am to 2:30pm

Out of pocket expenses: $10 bowling fee and lunch

Goal: Improved social skills and community engagement

Max 3 person (Currently 1 place available)

Participants select a community location to have a light refreshment to start the day. Participants go bowling, go to the driving range or select a different activity before lunch. Lunch and community locations are selected by participants on the day.




Social Lunch                                                                                                             Time: 12:30pm to 2pm

Out of pocket expenses: meal and personal shopping costs

Goal: Improve social skills and friendship

Max 3 person (Currently at capacity)

Participants meet at R&R and have lunch a local shopping district. Participants are supported with friendship communications such as text and facebook to expand friendship outside R&R.


Social Dinner                                                                                                          Time: 3:30pm to 8pm

Out of pocket expenses: meal and personal shopping costs

Goal: Improve social skills and Friendship

Max 4 person (Currently 2 places available)

Price includes transport to and from local dining venues within Coffs central pickup and drop off area. Required pickup and drop off outside Coffs central local area will incur additional costs.

Participants enjoy an outing at a local shopping district for some personal shopping and afternoon tea. Participants select a dining location of choice and are supported to order and handle money independently.


Transport can be provided to R&R and return home following activity at additional costs (87c per km). Additional transport costs as approved by carer/participant will be billed directly to the carer/participant. Bookings are essential

  • I’m emailing today to tell you how great my support worker is; not only is he very patient, helpful and quick-thinking, but he’s also the most friendly worker I’ve had to date. Whenever I’m not feeling my best, he seems to see that and not push me to do things that I’d otherwise be willing to do, however when I am feeling able to do things, he encourages me to do it myself, he teaches me how to do it if I’m not understanding, or congratulates me when I do it by myself.

    Another Participant

  • “R&R gave me my first real opportunity to work in a new industry following my career change. I value the opportunity that you extended, the way in which everyone at R&R including Admin, Coordinators and fellow Support Workers welcomed the new greenhorn and the valuable experience gained. ”

    “Wonderful organisation doing some great programs and initiatives.”

    “Great place to work with awesome staff and clients keep up the good work”

    “I am very grateful and blessed that I have been part of a wonderful service during my time at R&R Disability Services.”

    Staff Feedback

  • Peter, myself and his family I would like to thank the staff for the wonderful opportunity you provided for our son.

    He enjoyed the camp immensely, I believe it is an experience that he will never forget.

    Peter (Participant)

  • Just wanted to thank you for the amazing support staff you have put into our home to help with our daughter . One outstanding support worker supported her in such a professional manner , and was not afraid to help in any way she could .

    Participant Feedback

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